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May 24, 2019

And Many Years Later...

Dear all,
Lack of time (and changes in my priorities) made me spend time away from this blog.  And while I was doing other things, I've missed having a platform where I can just ramble about the random things I encounter in life.
A lot has happened. And it should be ground for wonderful and rare accounts.

May 22, 2012

Sleeping in an Airport

Whether you want to save money on hotel, want to make sure you don't miss your flight in the morning, or are in complete lack of luck since your 11:45pm flight is delayed, you too may end up sleeping in an airport someday.

Last week, on my way back home, I made the decision to spend the night in the Sea Tac Airport. I could have grabbed one of the surrounding hotels, but it felt like a waste of money since my next flight was boarding at 5:20am on the next day. I also had a slight jet lag which would have prevented me from going to bed right away anyways.

11:45pm, looking for a comfy seat next to a plug where I could charge my phone.

11:50pm, found a nice spot with a nice window view to parked planes. 

11:53pm, finishing this 590 pages book that I started at departure. 

11:59pm, two blonde girls, in their early 30's install their sleeping fort about 20 feet away.

12:45am, still reading, observing the night crew cleaning the airplanes. 

1:15am, family from the Philippines installing right behind my seat. one of the kid is playing "Happy Aquarium" and I can hear him buy, grow and feed his fish for about an hour. 

2:25-2:45am, the vacuum lady is doing her thing. She's nice though because she doesn't ask the sleepy people to move the hell out of her way. 

3am, feeling a bit tired. Going to the bathroom before I attempt a nap. I have to wait a moment for the bathroom cleaners to be done. When I get in, everything is just wet and smells like clorox. 

3:15-4:49am. some sleep but brief awakening from janorial person jamming Led Zeppelin at high level decibels.  

5am. newspaper stand opens for early travelers. Learned from People Magazine about Brangelina's upcoming wedding and the murder of Princess Diana by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth by the parisian Mafia.

5:20am. Boarding time.

So, what do I learn from this quality time? Was it worth it? Well, if you're looking into getting decent accomodation, I would give this hostel half a star, mainly for the presence of a highly sterilized bathroom and free high speed internet; but, if you're looking for a nighly rejuvenation, staying at the airport is the wrong place to pick. What I learned from this experience is that there are way more people that I would have ever imagined that occupy the floor of the international Sea-Tac airport terminal at night. Most of them single travelers, but also families with children under the age of 5-6 years old. 

December 22, 2011

Co-worker is in Hawaii, having the time of her life, and I am stuck working front desk at the museum.

For almost a week now, 2 little girls (9 and 11) have been showing up at random time of the day. At first, I found it entertaining and thought Santa shipped me 2 little elves to help with daily duties, but soon I realized this was too good to be true.

Here is my list of behavioral red flags:

1. On the first day, older girl tells schoolmates that she "works" at the Museum.

2. On the second day, girls ask me if they will get paid for helping. Hmm, no my sweet, there's a law in this beautiful state which is called child labor law. Ask if they can take pens, pencils, soaps, etc... back to their home. Pretty much expect me to entertain them at all time.

3. On the third day, they"feel at home," hang out in the Museum store, and open vitrines without asking permission. Play "Happy Aquarium" on my computer when I'm not looking or am busy with a patron. Require time from me to find activities to keep them busy. Bring their puppy dog at the museum. When asked where Mrs. Mother is, they give me some vague answer or don't know. Obviously Mrs. Mother thinks the Museum is a bit like... the public library? come on! Even the public library doesn't allow loitering!

4. On the fourth day, Mrs. Mother comes up all entitled with her little mischievous 4 year old. she doesn't address me, looks around, tells the girls she is going to the post office. Little boy asks mom if he could stay with his sisters. I said No. Pretty loudly. That's how it went down....

5. On the fifth day. Younger girl comes early to the museum by herself with her lunch box. I tell her the museum is not a Day Care Service and she can't be at the museum by herself. She needs to be accompanied. "But my sister said I could come, she says," "Great," I reply, "but we don't recognize the authority of your sister here at the Museum. Good Bye now."

It is still the fifth day, and I expect the mom to show up any moment now.

September 12, 2011

Dear Boss, Dear Employee,

Dear Boss,

If you'd like to know what your employees are doing while you're not around them, I'll tell you: They're checking out their FACEBOOK profile! Whether it is obviously displayed on the center of the screen, or hidden in the background, they all do it! The dentist assistant does it! the postoffice clerk does it! the cable guy does it! and the front desk librarian does it as well,... they're all doing it! Yes, and I busted them all!

Now, could you actually fire someone for using Facebook during actual working hours? Is it plainly wrong to send a line to friend and family in the middle of doing some repetitive task? Is it wrong to adjust your status if something interesting happened?

Essentially, there's nothing wrong with Facebook. The problem doesn't seem to come from the app itself. If you really want to be a slacker at work, there are many many ways to do that and I can lead you to some good examples including having a coffee break, playing solitaire, and looking up the news,... the list goes on... Slacking isn't a particularly new phenomenon and the banning of Facebook might just be an overreaction which won't make the real issue go away.


Dear Employee,

If you wanna know what your boss is doing when he/she is not micromanaging you, I'll tell you: He/She is on FACEBOOK! ...

August 22, 2011

Emotional Abuse, Codependency, and Love Addiction

Me:"So, why did you stay with this woman for 8 years if you knew it wasn't working out?"

Him:"I kept thinking our relationship would change if I just keep trying harder, but she kept being mentally cruel to me, sickly jealous, had unrealistic needs when it comes to the relationship, she would be mad at me everytime I hang out with my friends, I was afraid of her... Even today I feel like I could have done more to save the relationship."

Typical case of emotional abuse, you'd tell me. I bet this guy doesn't think about it as "that simple." Yes, your abuser makes you feel like you're on drugs, doesn't she? One day it feels very good, the next day it puts you down on your knees and kicks you in the stomach so you can ex-pulse those remaining niceties... When that happens you try to get double dose of it just to get back on your feet... the circle keeps on going... But, recognizing the pattern and letting go is the first step to healing. Being yourself and hanging out with people that appreciate you for who you really are is the long term medication to your problem.

Most abusers suffer from Codependency, which is a dysfunctional relationship syndrome with the self characterized by living through or for another. Codependency abusers also attempt to control others, blame others, play the victim, attempt to "fix" others, and show some intense anxiety around intimacy. Childhood abuse or witnessing a parent being abused may trigger the codependency behavior in an individual.

The paradox is that abusers certainly don't see themselves as such - they feel that it's other people's fault that they're unhappy, and are afraid of allowing other people to be who they are and of allowing events to happen naturally.

Both victims and Abusers are essentially predictably afraid of rejection, and both, funnily cultivate similar patterns of love addiction. (Give me one person that's not afraid of solitude and rejection and I'll buy you 2 pounds of pickles!) Love addiction must be a human disease. Love addiction has contracted a part of humanity. Any truth to this?

January 13, 2010

Recession Inc.

C: "What does New York city live off?"
I: "Perhaps... Speculative money?"

Never before have I been so engrossed by money-driven people, until I moved to New York City. There's certainly something anchored in the ethics of this city that not only regulates how to earn and spend money, but also breaks people's normal relationship with money (if there's such thing as a normal relationship with money).

Soon after 9/11, the trend was to believe in the common welfare of the City by promoting instant relief to those in need, and to find it OK to kindly return a stranger's smile in the street...
After the recent economic flop, Wall Street and friends largely acknowledged their greediness...

Despite all our good resolutions, the appeal of money is stronger than ever before, and we would rather have our index finger sawed off rather than give $5 bucks to that "rascal that's too lazy to look for a decent job."


Case in point: I work for "gallery owner A," one of the most voracious, wolfish, full of himself breed of mofo ever produced by the rare map market on Madison Avenue. To illustrate this raw analogy, let me tell you about a conversation I overheard from his office:

Curator x : "You own a certain map that has a great historical value for x non-profit society [...] You are selling the map for $2,000... unfortunately, we do not have this type of money currently but think the society should own it... would be willing to know if you are willing to donate it ..."

Gallery owner A : "Let me make you an offer. I'll raise $10,000 for you to buy the map. If in 5 years I still haven't found the money, I'll give you the map. "

Curator x (irritated): "$10,000?? I thought the map was going for $2,000???"

Gallery owner A :"Well, this is of course including my commission for raising the money. So, do we have a deal?"

Curator x (about to loose composure, looking for exit sign): "Well, I don't think I'll remember in 5 years, but thank you for your time anyways."


speculative money : money that is abstract, non existent, conceptualized by the mind.


The map is probably not worth more than a dime. It has nevertheless been bought at auction for $40 three years ago. It has consequently been put in a golden frame in order to legitimize the extravagant pricing .

December 12, 2009

When using the subway

Tip #1 Stay away from the rear exit door.

In the 1 Line, somewhere between 181rst and 168th, carrying 2 medium grocery bags, sitting next to a rear exit door (you know, the ones that say "Do not open when train is operating").

Train stops

Train moves again

African American man in his early thirties dressed in a camouflage pattern sweater, no shoes, comes right through the rear exit door and sits next to me. Passengers look up trying as much as possible to avoid eye contact.

Gaining access to the train (from the same door) now appears a policeman holding a gun, aiming straight at the guy next to me.

Policeman : "Please put your hands on your head and kneel down!"
Assaulted man not cooperating.
Policeman: "Get off this seat and kneel down. Now!"
Man: "Shoot me officer! Shoot me already!"
Policeman (sweating heavily, voice a little shaky): "Do you hear me? Kneel down and keep your hands up where I can see them!"
Man finally kneels down, hands by his pockets.
Policeman: "Place your hands on your head!"
Man: "You can see my hands, officer..."
(yeah... I can see them too... and they're still not on his head)
Policeman to passengers: "Everybody! Please move away towards the rear!"
Everyone besides me. I'm kind of cornered. Framed between the policeman and his target.
Policeman to me: "Do me a favor, pass behind me and go to the next train."
Me (Little jolted but ultra-willing to get outta there): "sure."

Picking up grocery bags, opening the rear exit door, walking between moving trains, and thinking:"Life's beautiful, and this day couldn't be complete without outstanding Italian food."

December 03, 2009

New York So Far

Loitering is forbidden here
Security guard making eye contact with me at the local branch library. Security guard stands up from her desk and walks towards me.
Security guard: Don't you have anything to do?
Me (confused): hmm... well, I'm waiting for.... (looking over my husband reading something on my laptop)
Security guard: Do you know what loitering means? You don't look like you're doing anything. This is called loitering.
Me (Still confused, almost in shock, and hoping I don't look like a bag lady. Then forcefully looking towards husband to have my laptop back so I can look busy) I do my best not to loiter here, ma'am.... (bitch...)

Hired on the spot
Walking down Madison Avenue and trying my chance in every single gallery, no matter what type of gallery they are.

At one gallery:
Me: Hi, I'd like to know if you are currently hiring or need help during the Christmas season?
Lady: Sure, do you have a resume? Let me bring it to the manager.
... 10 minutes later...
Lady: Please follow me
Manager: Please come in
Me: Hi, I'd like to know if you are currently hiring or need help during the Christmas season?
Manager: When was Louis the XIV born?
Me: aww... 17th century
Manager: Who was Francis the First and when did he die?
Me: euhhhh 15th century...
Manager: wrong. Did Napoleon divorce Josephine before she died?
Me: hmmm.....
Manager: you are not qualified to work here!!! .... but we have a position available with our rare book specialist. Talk to her and let her know when you can start.

July 11, 2009


This is a link to a TV show which treats cultural similarities and differences (between France and Germany) in a quite neat way. A good way, I think, to explain strange franco-german things and expressions. Available in german and french, for your watching pleasure:

french version:
german version: